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Elections Announcement 2024

Want to learn more about your rights as a union worker, help out your co-workers and build the labor movement? You should run for office in your unit or become a steward! Chicago News Guild election season is upon us (with the exception of SEIU units and IFT units– which have two-year terms)! Here’s what some of our members have to say about what taking on a leadership role in their shop has meant for them:

“I got involved after my unit coordinated a major action to fight one of our owners, because I wanted to keep our unit ready for action. Becoming an officer has shown me a lot about how my shop works and I’ve learned a lot!”

– Katie Prout, Unit Vice-Chair, Chicago Reader

“I started out as a steward in my unit and became a unit officer the next year. I’ve been able to attend trainings to build my leadership skills, and eventually I became local president and even chaired the Women’s Committee for our parent union, the Communications Workers of America.”

– Grace Catania, Cook County Court Interpreters

Officer positions in every unit are up for election each year (except in our SEIU and IFT units, which have two-year terms). You should get notice from your unit that nominations for elected office as soon as December and no later than February! Ask your unit officers when nominations are scheduled!

There also is an opening to become local vice-president– because of a vacancy, Court Interpreters unit member (and former local president) Grace Catania has been appointed to serve. Because more than a year is left on the term, there will be nominations to take the post for the duration of the term. Grace has volunteered to run, but if you’d like to run also, contact Secretary Tim Campbell at If there are multiple nominees, there will be a mail-in ballot election.


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