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Organize with CNG

The Union Difference

More and more workers are organizing and joining unions everyday. Workers in America are waking up to the fact that through our collective voice and democratic solidarity, we can create the just and equitable future we believe is possible. Non-union workers are at the will and might of the employer. Through organizing and winning your union, you immediately gain benefits including the right to collectively bargain your wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment. Along with securing tangible rights, you will experience the invaluable optimism that comes from solidarity. When workers stick together, there is nothing we can’t overcome!

Union Workers


have employer-provided healthcare


have access to

paid sick days


have retirement

benefits through

private employers


have guaranteed

pensions through

private employers





Nonunion Workers

Source: 2020 Study by U.S. Department of Labor via AFL-CIO

The CNG Union Difference

The NewsGuild is a member lead, grassroots union. The Chicago NewsGuild embraces that philosophy. What that means is that we strive to ensure that every member’s opinions and voice are not just heard, but valued. Our belief is that for the labor movement to truly grow and have the maximum impact we must be transparent, democratic and engaged at all levels. Our members tell us what issues are most important to them, and we work together with them to find ways to achieve their goals, secure the pay and benefits they deserve, improve their working conditions, and improve our communities.

At CNG, we believe our identity is the collective participation of members. We are only as strong as we are involved and accountable to each other. Because members drive the vision and work of the Guild, we prioritize education, resources, and solidarity in order to maintain a strong union. As a CNG member you have a voice and opportunity, and your fellow members want you to use it.

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Start Organizing Now!

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Contact Ryan Miller

More Resources


A CNG organizer will provide an overview of the process, answer any questions, consult on strategy and obstacles, and help you and your coworkers prepare for the immediate next steps.

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