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CNG Staff

Craig Rosenbaum headshot

Craig Rosenbaum

Executive Director

Craig Rosenbaum has been working for the Chicago News Guild since March 1999 and has served as its Executive Director since 2011. Craig lives in Hyde Park with his wife Barbara, daughter Leah and standard poodle Lola.

Emily Steelhammer headshot

Emily Steelhammer

Staff Representative

Emily Steelhammer has worked in labor as an organizer and union representative since 2008.  She has organized workers across the country in a variety of industries, including: manufacturing, healthcare, higher education and nonprofits. When she's not talking to workers about building their union, Emily loves a good fiction book and exploring Chicagoland with her husband and two young daughters. 

Ryan Miller headshot

Ryan Miller

Labor Organizer

Ryan Miller has been a labor organizer in Chicago for 5 years, with experience organizing and representing workers across public and private sectors. When he is not supporting workers in our collective fight for better conditions, Ryan loves to be outside, hiking, kayaking, and marching in these streets.

Tyler Kirk Headshot

Tyler Kirk

Part-Time Organizer

Tyler Kirk has worked as a member of various unions for over 20 years. He first got into union leadership with the United Steel Workers in 2014. Since then he has worked in representation, organizing and support roles with a number of different unions and a wide variety of industries throughout Illinois and beyond. When not working in the labor movement, Tyler enjoys spending time with his spouse and 2 teenagers, watching baseball, spending time outdoors and studying economics. 

Kim Leiser Headshot

Kim Leiser

CNG Bookkeeper

Kim Leiser has been involved in the Guild since beginning as a circulation clerk at The Buffalo News in 1994.  She started serving on bargaining committees in 2005 and went to work full time for the Buffalo local as an Administrative Officer in 2016.  A mom of three and grandmother of three, she enjoys traveling with her husband and younger children when not busy with her union brothers and sisters.

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