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Kneeling Protestors

What We're Fighting For

Social Justice

Advancing social justice in our communities and our workplaces.

The Chicago NewsGuild is dedicated to social justice for all of our members, communities and our world. Advancing social justice and social justice initiatives can take many forms and we are always looking for more opportunities to do just that. We believe that part of our responsibility as a labor union is to ensure that every member is fairly represented without bias, knows their voice is heard and matters to us regardless of gender, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, immigrant status, marital status, age or ethnicity. 


We fight to ensure that this is not just reflected within the Guild, but at our workplaces as well. We do this by bargaining for strong contracts and enforcing them. We work with our members to look for opportunities to use “Bargaining for the Common Good” approaches to extend our social justice impact beyond the workplace and into our communities as well. Further, we strive to make sure our members have the opportunity to learn and train to understand their contracts and their rights as well as how to exercise those rights.


Our members reflect these goals through their work as well. Through fair and honest reporting on social justice issues, initiatives and challenges we keep our communities informed. In nonprofits working to ensure racial economic justice, housing justice and police reform. And as Union staff representing workers in a variety of industries around Illinois ensuring that their members' concerns are heard, represented and trained. 

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