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CNG Committees


The Finance Committee supervises the audit of the Local’s funds, supervises the preparation of the annual budget, studies and makes recommendations on appeals for funds, and supervises all drives for funds.

Guild Communications

The Guild Communications Committee supervises the publication of the Guild Website and supplies news of the Local regularly to the Guild Reporter, to the labor press, to area newspapers, and to advise other labor organizations in press relations and publications.


The Personnel Committee studies and makes recommendations on the hiring of employees, personnel policies and procedures, and employees’ salaries. The committee is also responsible for nominating a slate of candidates for delegates to convention to the membership, and recommending the size of the convention delegation. In doing so, the committee considers the recommendation of the Finance Committee.

By-Laws, Legal Affairs, and Professional Concerns

The By-Laws, Legal Affairs, and Professional Concerns Committee maintains the By-Laws in accordance with the TNG Constitution and the TNG Convention policies by preparing and recommending amendments as required. The committee is also responsible for dealing with professional concerns of members as they arise and making recommendations to the Executive Board.

Elections and Special Events

The Elections and Special Events Committee conducts Local elections and referendums. The committee also plans and administers the Stick-O-Type, Guild Service Award, upcoming conventions and special events.

Office and Technology

The Office and Technology Committee supervises, studies and makes recommendations concerning the Local’s office, furnishings, office machinery, utilities and meeting places.

Human Rights, Health, and Safety

The Human Rights, Health, and Safety Committee monitors and researches human rights abuses and health and safety problems in the workplace and makes recommendations for their alleviation. The committee also makes the Executive Board aware of human rights and health and safety laws affecting the workplace.

Organizing and Tactical Negotiating Team

The Organizing and Tactical Negotiating Team researches and advises the Executive Board of organizing opportunities as well as tactical strategies available to units in bargaining, and assists to whatever degree possible in such campaigns.

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