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What We're Fighting For

Building a Stronger Labor Movement

Every day members of the Chicago News Guild work to grow our union and support working people. Guild members work for unions across Chicago and the Midwest, and we strongly believe that empowered union staff members make their unions stronger.

The Chicago News Guild represents workers in powerful, important sectors of our society: the news media, the local government, non-profit organizations and labor unions. By empowering workers inside these critical institutions, we give a voice to working people everywhere, and make these important entities accountable and more democratic. 


Unions are a force for equity and democracy in our communities. Make no mistake: we represent journalists, and some of their employers limit how and how public they can be about their engagement in politics and issues. But many of our members in the public sector, at non-profits and progressive news organizations take advantage of every opportunity to leverage union power to promote people power. 


Our parent union, The NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America (TNG-CWA) offers opportunities to phone bank and canvass for important causes. Our local members in the Cook County Court Interpreters met frequently with Cook County Board members during contract negotiations and spoke at committee meetings and county board meetings to advocate for better pay and working conditions for our members. 


We do not, as a matter of policy, contribute money from our local budget to political campaigns or causes, nor do we make political endorsements. But individual Chicago Guild members do participate in candidate slating events for TNG-CWA and are active members in the Chicago Federation of Labor. When it comes to fighting for the rights of our members and for a more just and equitable society, we take the battle to every front we can.

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