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Chicago from above

Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times Guild has more than 80 members in the newsroom, including reporters, columnists, photographers, designers, audience and web development teams and some editors. The CST Guild stepped up when the Sun-Times was set to be sold-off to its largest competitor, the Chicago Tribune, and reached out to the U.S. Department of Justice and our allies in Chicago's labor movement to block the sale and steer the paper into the hands of a group of investors that included local labor unions and philanthropists. That ownership group in 2022 donated the Sun-Times to public radio station WBEZ— along with $61 million in pledged support from philanthropists and some of the city's largest foundations— in a groundbreaking move to secure the future of the Sun-Times. In recent years, the CST Guild has negotiated healthy pay raises and has won industry-leading language on newsroom diversity and hiring— check out the contractually mandated public website showing the makeup of the Sun-Times newsroom— and is a powerful voice for our journalist workers.

Unit Co-Chairs:

Nadar Issa

Bob Mazzoni

Vice Chair:

Sophie Sherry


Amber Colón

Chief Steward/Vice-Chair of Stewards:

Mitch Armentrout

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