Welcome members of the Reader

From Chicago Newspaper Guild President Dave Pollard:
I first would like to say thank you all for taking the first step toward becoming a part of Chicago Newspaper Guild.
Your unanimous vote toward being recognized under the Guild shows your solidarity toward making positive changes in your workplace and creating a strong unified voice in the workplace. I believe I speak for all members of Guild and The Newspaper Guild when I say “Welcome!”
You’ve made a brave and bold decision, but you’ve joined a union that advocates aggressively on behalf of our members who work in the newsroom and our members in different industries represented by us.
This is just the beginning but it is a strong and resounding one that I believe will result in very positive outcomes in the future.
Once again: welcome, and I look forward to serving you and working with you to achieve your goals.
Yours in solidarity,
David Pollard
Chicago Newspaper Guild

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