The #STM28: One Year Later

May 30, 2013 is a date that no Chicago Newspaper Guild member can forget. Sun-Times Media raised eyebrows all over the world when they laid off all the photojournalists company-wide.#stm28 meme

May 30, 2014: four of the #STM28 who were covered by the collective bargaining agreement are back in the Chicago Sun-Times newsroom. The remaining 13 photojournalists who were covered by the CBA were offered cash settlements.  Four of the #STM28 are working for Yahoo! news. Three teach photojournalism at Chicago J-Schools. One is scouting locations for television networks. One is a firefighter and several are freelancing.

Many of those freelancers are planning the new Working Journalists unit for Chicago-area freelance media professionals. This budding group is planning a fall training program, freelance socializing events and working out possible insurance and other benefits. For more information, contact

For all of us, life has gone on. But the impact of the company’s decision a year ago still reverberates, and is part of the reason the Guild continues to fight as hard as it can to protect its members, and to provide help to those of our colleagues who we still consider brothers and sisters.

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