See What You Missed exhibit

Photojournalists are the eyes that capture the news as it happens. When Chicago Photography Center Board President Karen Egerer learned that Sun-Times Media eliminated virtually its entire photojournalist staff, she wanted to support the photographers.

“I think it’s tragic that a newspaper that is supposedly reporting on what’s going on in our world … doesn’t seem to be able to value the work that the (photojournalists) did and how valuable their work is,” Egerer said.

Chicago Photography Center is holding a special “See What You Missed” exhibit featuring 54 images by 18 former Sun-Times Media photographers. The exhibit is designed to support the photographers, Egerer said.

Opening reception: 1-3 p.m. Sunday, July 14

Where: Chicago Photography Center, 3301 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

Exhibit: Runs from July 14-28


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