How To Destroy Journalism In Chicago

1. Cut the pay of quality journalists, but expect them to do twice as much work.

2. Refuse to communicate with your staff. Keep decisions that affect everyone a secret until the last minute.

3. Keep your staff in a state of flux, never knowing from one day to the next if they will even have a job.

4. Hire freelancers and bloggers to take the place of quality staffers. Everyone with a digital camera is a potential freelance photographer, right?

5. Fill your newspaper with fluff like “Splash” and Hollywood gossip.

6. Reward ass-kissers rather than those who do quality work.

7. Pay inequities – expect staffers to travel to Chicago with no pay raise or travel expense reimbursment.

8. Maintain editors who really don’t care about story quality or who have stale old story ideas.

9. Lay off loyal staff members who have performed well over the course of decades in favor of newbies who will work for peanuts.

10. Create hardships so vast that you drive your quality employees to find a new job.

11. Destroy the morale of your staff by reminding them that they’re lucky to have a job when they ask for a raise.

12. Foster animosity between staff members by creating different rules for different people.

13. Rely on sensationalism to boost subscriptions.

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