County Court Changes

Dear Guild Members: The Guild met with the OCJ and has come to a tentative verbal agreement on the following: The OCJ and the Chicago News Guild for a duration of 30 days agree to the following, which may be extended by mutual agreement:

1) No employees will lose salary, sick leave or unscheduled vacation.

2) All employees will be on call as needed to do remote work such as translations and webinars during the 30 day period.

3) All-Full time court interpreters will be paid 100% of their salary.

4) All session court interpreters will be paid the average of their last 4 or 5 pay periods.

5) A limited number of court interpreters will be assigned to court houses each day. The Guild has proposed that this be done on a rotation basis to limit exposure to the virus. An assignment would involve additional monetary compensation for session interpreters or compensation time for full interpreters.

As soon as the OCJ has the court schedule, the OCJ and/or Guild will inform you as soon as we know.

Tomorrow the Guild will meet with the OCJ to address safety concerns of any employees who are scheduled to work during the next 30 days.

Jose Alvarez
Veronica Rivas
Yadira Esperza
Craig Rosenbaum
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