A Win For The Guild!

A Win For The Guild !

And, good news–the Guild just won back a job for an EA who has been a Guild member for 34 years from the Gary paper. She is the only Editorial Assistant at the Post-Tribune, which once employed as many as ten just a few years ago.

She’d been working two jobs while in Gary–one for the Company, and one at Macy’s. When management told her she had a job in the main newsroom, she quit her Macy’s job to work downtown. But one week after the Company told her she had a job at the Sun-Times, she was laid off. So, she went from two jobs to no jobs.

The Guild told the Company in no uncertain terms that if she was not reinstated, the Guild intended to go to arbitration. Within a week of the Guild’s complaint, the Company had a change of heart and told the EA that she had a job.

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