Help Guild Photojournalists

A Cleveland photographer who used to work in Chicago has offered to help fellow photojournalists laid off by the Sun Times.

Bob Soltys, whose black and white photos of Paris are currently on exhibit at Chicago’s Rangefinder Gallery, is donating his share of images sold on Friday, May 31to the Guild’s fund for the laid off photographers.

Bob, who used to work alongside Sun Times photographers covering Chicago sports events in the mid-1980’s, said those affected by the layoffs are welcome to join him at the gallery from 3:30 to 6 on Friday, May 31 on the last day of the show as he discusses his work.

Paris: The Art of Living in Black and White, by Bob Soltys

Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera,  300 West Superior, Suite 202, Chicago 60654. Tel: (312) 642-2297

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