Meet the Candidates

Hey Guild Members, meet the candidates running to be president of the Chicago News Guild.

Anne Balay has been a member of the Guild for 3 years. She is a union organizer working in Higher Ed in St Louis. Balay has published two books (google it!) about queer work and workers. She has spent her life exploring what work means to the people who do it, and how to make that more equitable, and more fun. Balay is running for Guild President to bring Organizer’s energy to the office. Our meetings should be about our issues and problems and should end with strategies for change. Members of this Guild are smart, militant, and driven. Our union should be too. 

Andy Grimm has been a union activist since he first joined The NewsGuild as a member of the Gary News Guild in 2004. Now a reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times, Andy has served one full term as president of the Chicago News Guild. He’s been on bargaining committees in Gary and at the Sun-Times, helped organize new shops, and spent a year working full-time for The NewsGuild helping members across the U.S. seek out investors to buy local newspapers. In the last two years, he’s been on the streets (and in the Zooms) to help members organize a rally outside the Chicago Tribune printing plant; hold a protest outside the home of a lead investor in The Chicago Reader; picket the Mag Mile offices of Kaplan; and get our members on the floor at Cook County board meetings calling for a fair contract for Court Interpreters (among other actions taken by our membership!) Winning the fights we must win takes commitment to building a fighting, organizing union by local officers, staff and— most importantly— members in each and every unit. If you’re committed and want to help bring your fellow members into the fight, he’d like your vote. Contact Andy by email with questions and include a callback number.

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