Guild pride

Photo by Curtis Lehmkuhl

Members of the Chicago Newspaper Guild took to the streets on the north side of Chicago during Sunday’s Pride Parade. It was part of an ongoing initiative to inform and educate the diverse makeup of Chicago and surrounding communities about the unjust treatment the Guild has faced including the gutting of the newspaper’s entire photography that was made up of a majority of Guild members.

Several former Guild photographers showed up in a form of solidarity and passed out informational leaflets as well as ride on floats with members of other unions that participated in the parade. Overall, the majority in attendance were receptive to our cause.

The Guild would like to thank Communication Workers Guild of America for their support–without national’s backing, leafleting at the 44th annual pride parade in Chicago would not have been the success it was. The Guild would also like to thank Chicago Teacher’s Union and UniteHere! for allowing Guild members to join with their parade entries.

Just as members of  the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community came together to celebrate with pride members, our Guild shared in that sense of pride through our mobilization effort that day strengthening our solidarity and garnering the community around our cause.

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