Guild President David Pollard Speaks Out

The recent dismissal of Sun-Times Media’s entire photo staff is both shocking and disheartening. The photojournalists that have contributed to this company over the years have been invaluable and it is appalling that the Sun-Times has made such a move that will impact the quality of photojournalism the newspaper produces.

Usually when layoffs of this nature are being considered the Chicago Newspaper Guild is notified to see if we can assist in any way possible to prevent or reduce the magnitude of such a layoff.

That never happened.

This kind of action paints a clear picture of how little the company is willing to work with the Guild to help improve the quality of their news product and make positive inroads towards a mutually beneficial contract resolution between the Guild and the company.

The Chicago Newspaper Guild sees this action as unacceptable and a direct effort to weaken the Guild’s presence in the company.

As always we are taking steps to fight this move by the company and inform the public of this recent counterproductive action. The remaining ranks among our membership will tighten and our voices will be heard.

Dave Pollard


Chicago Newspaper Guild

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