Congratulations Blackhawks!!!

The Chicago Newspaper Guild congratulates all the players on the Chicago Black Hawks, its management and owner/Sun-Times investor, Rocky Wirtz, on winning the Stanley Cup last night in Boston!

The Guild also thanks the many volunteer members from our local and Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2 for handbilling before the game. We reached approximately 2500 fans who attended the game! Below is the handbill that the Chicago Fire Fighters and our members disseminated to the fans before Saturday’s game at the United Center:


In light of this victory it is so sad that our gifted photographers were not able to capture this magic moment, and that they will be unable to take photos and videos for the Sun-Times for the victory parade on Friday.

However, it is not too late to change. Please e-mail Hawks owner and Sun-Times investor Rocky Wirtz, at and request that Rocky tell his business partner, Michael Ferro,  to-rehire all Sun-Times Media Group photographers so that the world’s greatest hockey team and the world’s greatest city get the visual and artistic coverage it deserves.

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