Guild-Sun-Times Negotiations Stalled By Yet Another Wrapports Restructuring

Your representatives of the Chicago Newspaper Guild held a negotiating session with Sun-Times Media executives Wednesday, June 26. Little was accomplished because company negotiators could not say to whom they are now reporting. Under a reorganization disclosed late June 25 by Wrapports CEO Tim Knight, Editor-in-Chief Jim Kirk gained the title of publisher for the company’s larger dailies, while the Pioneer Press chain and the smaller dailies now fall under the control of Jim Hickey.

Company negotiator Ted Rilea could not say if he answers to Knight, Kirk, Hickey or a combination thereof.

With that obstacle in place, there could be no substantive discussion of economic proposals or of the Guild’s demand that our laid-off photographers be rehired.

Representatives of the Company essentially told the Guild that they did not have authority to discuss anything substantively.

The Guild’s bargaining committee had several questions pertaining to the company reorganization. It hopes to receive answers at the next scheduled session July 10. Another session is scheduled for July 24.

The Guild appreciates your continued support for our job actions towards the objective of the Sun-Times re-hiring its photographers and obtaining a fair contract. The Guild will be handbilling at the Pride Parade this Sunday, June 30 beginning at 10:00 a.m. For those members who want to volunteer please contact Beth Kramer, the Guild’s Director of Communications, at All Guild members are invited to attend the negotiation session on Wednesday, July 10. We will post on our web site the time and location of the negotiation

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