Support professionally certified interpreters

Any individual going through the court system has the Constitutional right to an interpreter. Cook County Court Interpreters believe individuals going through the system whose native language is not English deserve highly trained, professionally certified interpreters.

The issue of interpretation recently got media attention after the Chicago Sun-Times reported about a rape case that was dismissed in part because of a language-barrier issue. A judge denied the alleged rape victim access to an interpreter. Read the full story here: During suspect’s court hearing, prosecutors detail brutal attack of Belmont-Cragin teen

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators Chair Robert Cruz wrote that the NAJIT was “appalled that a request for an interpreter … was rebuffed in such a way.”

“We welcome our obligation to promote the best practices for our profession and to ensure that our members continue this vital role as part of the justice system,” Cruz wrote. (Read his entire piece here:

In an effort to promote best practices and highly trained interpreters, Cook County Court Interpreters are asking people to sign a petition supporting the certification of Cook County Court Interpreters by clicking here:

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