Tribune Guilds Want You!

On Wednesday, March 9 at 6 CT/7ET Tribune Publishing Guilds and allies are meeting for for an hour-long state of our unions town hall.

Crucially, nearly all we have left to bargain is the hard economics of our contract. We know this will have a massive impact on us, each other, and our communities overall for years to come. We’ll be taking stock of where we are, where we’re going and how we can protect and build upon the work we are doing to save local news from predators like Alden Global Capital.

In addition to a Q&A session, attendees can expect to hear about:

  • Recent Tribune Publishing Guilds victories
  • Findings of our pay equity study being released next week
  • How much Alden/Tribune has cut staffing around the country
  • How Guild members are successfully fighting back
  • What it will take to win the contract that protects us (and our shared democracy)
  • Our vision for the future
  • Who all wants to help us get there, and how

That means you.Register here in advance to get ready for the fight:

In solidarity

Tribune Publishing Guilds

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