The Suburban Community Journalist View

At this point it’s a little difficult to know just how much of a mess this will be. I say mess because it seems to be a broad plan without specifics. And besides, that’s how changes at the Sun-Times Media Group seem to go.

Does anyone actually know how we will work without offices? If anybody in management knows, which I doubt, it’s being kept a secret.

It seems like some managers were sitting around drinking too much coffee and somebody suggested saving money by closing offices.

So everybody nodded enthusiastically and they announced it to the world.

As far as we know that’s as specific as it’s gotten.

Are we supposed to spend half a day traveling downtown for meetings? Will we be using the aging Mac laptops we got for our mobile reporter era?

There is already a blurred line between Sun-Times reporters and editors and those at the suburban titles will disappear or at least fade a bit more.

Anyway, until somebody comes up with some solid intelligence on how the new system is supposed to work it’s hard to know how bad it will be.

But if history is any guide, it won’t be good.

Does anybody actually know anything?

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