Support your local regional Chicago newspaper

Thank you for reading and supporting your local newspaper:

We journalists of the Pioneer Press, Lake County News-Sun and Northwest Indiana’s Post-Tribune newspapers need your help.

Our new owners at the Chicago Tribune (now calling themselves tronc) don’t see the value of strong community journalism, and they are offering the dedicated members of the Chicago News Guild zero percent raises while nearly doubling some of our contributions toward health insurance. They threaten our job security with layoffs and toxic working conditions, all of which make it increasingly difficult to give your community the news coverage it deserves.

All the while, they are buying out-of-town newspapers like the New York Daily News and fattening their executives’ wallets with salaries like the CEO’s $8 million.

Here’s how you can help!

Please sign our petition and tell Tribune management that you support community journalism and the journalists in your community.

Thank you,

The dedicated members of the Chicago News Guild

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