Sun-Times Refuses To Budge On Its Position With Business Writers

The Company was not prepared to negotiate about moving business writers out of the Sun-Times Unit to the Grid publication. Representatives from the Sun-Times said it intended to do so although the date is not clear when the move will occur. The move by the Company is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act. The Guild is in the process of collecting its evidence to file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board.

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5 Responses to Sun-Times Refuses To Budge On Its Position With Business Writers

  1. Cathy Pallidan says:

    The papers already use a lot of stringers, including a lot who were former employees. It makes sense financially to hire stringers and interns to replace full-timers, especially to the Sun-Times. This is what we need to fight. Come on, people. Make your voices heard.

  2. Brandon Jenkins says:

    I’m at Aurora. I have also heard there is a plan to phase out staff reporters and replace them with unpaid interns/freelancers. The unpaid interns will have a carrot waved under their noses that if they do well enough, they can become staff reporters and work for peanuts. It makes sense. Why keep reporters on at a higher pay and benefits when you can get 8-inch stories from stringers. I think we need to up our fight. They’re not listening. They continue to laugh at us and push our concerns aside. they need to be sued, and I’ve heard there are some employees looking to sue outside the union.

  3. Penny McDonald says:

    The company is obviously trying to break the union. Have you heard anything about the company planning to replace union reporters in the suburbs with stringers within 6 months. I hear they’re using the Trib as a prototype. I hope not.

  4. Bob says:

    Enough messing around. It’s time to start banging the tables. Wrappports obviously doesn’t want to bend at all. We need to step up to the plate and show them they can’t treat employees like garbage.

  5. Daniel says:

    Why are corporations allowed to suddenly walk all over workers’ rights? We should not have to file a charge and go through the long due process to call management on this gross misuse of power. We should be able to bring in EEOC and other agencies and slap a HUGE fine on them. This is a gross misuse of power, and it is making union members furious.

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