Squeeze Play

The days and long nights of sharing computers at the 401 N. Wabash Sun-Times seem like a distant memory. They are good memories. We had our differences, but were all in it together.

New Work Spaces at Sun-Times

The recent closing of suburban newspapers and moving staff to 350 N. Orleans will result in crowded and unhealthy conditions of an unprecedented nature. Four desks with four computers are being squeezed into a space that used to be occupied by two desks. Each desk has a meager two drawers and a wimpy partition that doesn’t even reach eye level. (Watch that hacking cough). There is more space in the 10th floor candy room than at our 9th floor workspaces.

The design was put into play without speaking to the Guild or the staff on ramifications of a plan that looks like it was drawn up from the cheapest cabins of an Italian cruise ship.

Guild members have sacrificed money.

Guild members have sacrificed time.

Now Guild members are being asked to sacrifice space, privacy and the basic dignity of a 21st Century workplace. This plan is a physical representation of management’s us-versus-them style. It is an issue that cuts deep into morale and spirit. The lack of creative landscape illustrates the wide space between management and staff in working together to create the best media product in the Chicago area.

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