People’s World Staff Achieves Union Recognition

We, the technical, production, reporting and editing staff of the People’s World, are glad to have achieved recognition of our union from the management of Long View Publishing and CPUSA.

We have worked hard to get to this point, and we are united in our resolve to win a contract that guarantees job security even for those who are not benefactors of favoritism; one that provides for fair wages for our work, instead of the salaries that we currently receive which are too low and leave us struggling to cover the rising cost of living in the cities where we live. We seek real equity, support for doing better journalism, and a commitment to raises for all the People’s World staff, instead of the uncertainty and lack of transparency that led us to form a union in the first place.

We are all still here because we believe in the mission of the People’s World: to report on the movements for jobs, peace, equality, democracy, civil rights and liberties, labor, immigrant, LGBT and women’s rights, protection of the environment, and more. All we ask is to be allowed to earn a living and be treated with respect as we work to fulfill that mission.

We are grateful for the support of others in our union, the News Guild/CWA, and hope that you will continue to ask us questions and watch this space for further news of our union struggle. In this contentious political climate, where the news media is the object of vilification and our country’s leaders marginalize journalists, we believe that strengthening the bonds between workers in our profession is imperative.

We are also grateful for the support from our brothers and sisters in the broader union movement. We know you are with us and will show up in solidarity with us during the negotiations ahead and we look forward to defending the rights of our fellow union members in whatever ways we can.

In Solidarity,

The People’s World Organizing Committee

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