Addressing sale rumors

Chicago Newspaper Guild leaders met with Sun-Times Media representatives and asked questions about the Guild’s contracts. The Guild expects answers from the company in coming days.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, Chicago Newspaper Guild has no official news from Sun-Times Media regarding rumors of a sale of properties to the Chicago Tribune.

“After meeting with a representative of Sun-Times Media about this possible purchase of the suburban newspapers, we had the opportunity to ask questions about this issue and are looking forward to a prompt response to put the rumor mill to rest,” Chicago Newspaper Guild President David Pollard said.

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One Response to Addressing sale rumors

  1. Patrick Fitzgerald says:

    This is straight out of Tim Knight’s playbook from Newsday. Cash in and get out before the company enters bankruptcy:

    Michael Ferro and Tim Knight need to complete the sale of the suburban papers as soon as possible so that as much time passes as possible before dumping the Sun-Times into bankruptcy. If the sale of the burbs papers happens too close to the bankruptcy filing, Knight, Ferro et al could be forced by the BR Court to disgorge their ill-gotten gains.

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