A Win For The Guild!

A Win For The Guild !

And, good news–the Guild just won back a job for an EA who has been a Guild member for 34 years from the Gary paper. She is the only Editorial Assistant at the Post-Tribune, which once employed as many as ten just a few years ago.

She’d been working two jobs while in Gary–one for the Company, and one at Macy’s. When management told her she had a job in the main newsroom, she quit her Macy’s job to work downtown. But one week after the Company told her she had a job at the Sun-Times, she was laid off. So, she went from two jobs to no jobs.

The Guild told the Company in no uncertain terms that if she was not reinstated, the Guild intended to go to arbitration. Within a week of the Guild’s complaint, the Company had a change of heart and told the EA that she had a job.

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3 Responses to A Win For The Guild!

  1. Disgusted and Demoralized says:

    It continues… another EA lost her job, quietly and cruelly, about a week ago. And administration at the Sun-Times strives to make staff paranoid by making it clear that “Big Brother is Watching You,” and giving us not one farthing more for the hundreds more we spend each month for the “privilege and honor” of being at the Sun-Times.

    The message is: We don’t want you here, get out. Well, Sun-Times, I’m not quitting. No chance in hell will I walk out of there with nothing. While the “glamor pusses” frolick and cavort on Floor Ten, the sweatshop workers on nine bust tail.

    You will have to fire me because I will not quit. I want you to look at me everyday and be reminded of how you hurt and demoralized your fellow human beings. I want you to see my increasing poverty and depression. I want you to be reminded of your refusal to treat your hard-working staff with respect. In the end, it’s how you treated others that will matter, not the millions in your bank account.

    And when you do finally lay me off, there may well be some form of retribution. How many people can you mistreat before someone decides to go toe-to-toe with you? There are many hungry lawyers out there, and a few of us are taking notes about what goes on at the Sun-Times. We really have had enough.

  2. Laura L. Enright says:

    That company seems intent on proving how low it can go. An EA is encouraged/coerced (draw your own conclusions) not only into having to make a long commute, but to quit her other part time job, to keep her job with the great Sun-Times Media and then those very same weasels try to pull the rug out from under her. Let’s forget that she is probably not making that much money (and now has to spend more on commuting costs), and that this is a job that could easily be done at home (thus saving her these commuting costs) and the company said EAs could do at home until they rescinded the offer the last week of March after raising the hopes of all those involved. She jumps through their hoops, agreeing to make the transition (or reapplies for her job), she’s sent the grand email of acceptance, she arranges the necessities to allow her to work downtown and and a week later they fire her (sorry, “laid off” is far too pretty a term)? At a time when they’re pathetic practices have already lost them a number of EAs so those remaining are already overworked. And after the original email from Kirk announcing the transition indicated that they didn’t foresee redundancies with this move.

    Ever since the bit managing editor bloodletting last year, this company has been showing its true colors and they aren’t pretty. Their tactics have been illustrating quite clearly the low opinion they have of the people who are busting their asses trying to put out a quality product (quality that the company is helping to compromise). It’s disgusting.

    I’m so happy this EA got to keep her job. It’s nice that the good guys one for a change.

    • Laura L. Enright says:

      And yes, that should have been the “big managing editor bloodletting” and I’m happy the “good guys won for a change.” 🙂

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