April 30, 2013

Contact: Guild President Bernie Lunzer, (202) 434-7175; blunzer@cwa-union.org

The Newspaper Guild & Communications Workers of America Call on Tribune Company to Protect Newspapers’ Integrity as Sale Proceeds

Recently you’ve seen many petitions asking that the Koch brothers not be allowed to buy the Tribune Company’s newspapers. We understand why the Kochs breed this distrust. They are active political proponents of harsh right-wing positions. We’re also not certain that Tribune will listen to anything but money when the final decision is made.

What we do know is that great papers publish credible, trusted journalism online and on the printed page. Whoever comes to own these mastheads needs to understand that protecting newsrooms from ideological taint is no small thing. The future of American journalism depends on the ability to print truth, not opinion.

We call on Tribune to make a pledge that they’ll only sell to a buyer that will protect the objectivity of the news product by making a public commitment to doing so. The Newspaper Guild-CWA and the Communications Workers of America seek your support in this goal.

A sector of the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America, The Newspaper Guild-CWA represents 25,000 journalists and other workers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Find us online at: NewsGuild.org, Facebook.com/ TheNewspaperGuildCWA and @news_guild.

The Newspaper Guild • 501 3rd Street NW • Washington, DC 20001 • 202-434-1100

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