Attention Chicago Guild leaders! This is your invitation to attend the Chi Guild 2023 Leadership Summit!

Members from all 27 CNG units will come together for an in-person event (see COVID rules later) at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 18-19. 

There will be workshops on mapping power in your shop and the community, building campaigns that engage and energize members around workplace issues, and building up a highly effective steward network that will fight the boss every day! 

Every unit officer will have a room for an overnight (Sat-Sun) stay at the hotel, and all stewards should attend the Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. session. Do you have members in your unit who don’t have an official title/elected position who you think have a lot to contribute to the summit? Invite them! We have a large block of rooms reserved, and can add more!

Registration link:

FAQ about the Chicago News Guild Leadership Summit?

Who should go to the Summit?

The goal of the summit is to engage leaders from every unit to learn the skills and make the plans we need for each unit and our local to be an effective fighting force for member rights! We have space for elected officers of every unit and stewards— but if you have active members or new, emerging leaders (like folks with key roles on bargaining or other committees) who are going to play a role in building up your unit, have them register! 

What precautions are we taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

All attendees will have to provide proof of vaccination to participate, and attendees will take rapid tests upon arrival. Masks will be required at all sessions and hand sanitizer will be available at the hotel. If these precautions are not adequate for you to feel safe, but you would like to participate, email

What will happen at the Summit?

  • Saturday will focus on building skills and planning for your unit— a unique opportunity for you to have all your unit leadership and stewards present (with a trained facilitator) to discuss basic principles of organizing and how to build effective leadership teams. You’ll talk about real issues in your workplace and develop plans to take collective action to fix them, that you can start the minute you all leave the summit! Also, we will have an intro to the basics of being a union steward and discuss how to build a network of stewards that connects the entire unit and gets you ready for rapid, impactful action! All unit leaders AND stewards should attend Saturday!
  • Sunday will focus on making our local as a whole as connected and organized as it can be. We’ll discuss building connections and solidarity across all units— and we’ll have caucus sessions were units with similar employers (breakouts will be set aside for journalist shops, staff union shops, and non-profit shops) can discuss common issues and how to coordinate actions among units.

Will there be food?

Yes! We will provide light breakfast items in our hospitality suite and a catered lunch Saturday and Sunday, and dinner Saturday night. Email dietary restrictions to

I live far from Chicago in another state. Can I get some help with travel costs?

Sure! Out of state members can submit mileage for reimbursement and we will pay for parking. If you are traveling from so far out that you’d like to arrive Friday night and will need an extra night at the hotel, email

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