Calling all Chicago News Guild leaders!


These are exciting times for our union! We have members in the streets and notching big wins! We’ve got new units going public! And members across the local are battling intransigent bosses and evil hedge funds for contracts!

Our local is growing and getting stronger, and now is time to take stock and plan for the future!

We invite all unit officers— including our shops still battling for first contracts— to the Chicago News Guild (Zoom) Summit on Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to noon. 

This is a chance for us to discuss how our local and our units operate, how we can use our resources to build power in our shops, in our local and in our city!

At minimum, we need one officer from each unit to attend (and we’d love to have them all), but any members interested in building our union are welcome— stewards, active committee members, whoever!

REGISTER HERE for the summit Zoom!

HERE is a link to cool flyer you can share (also attached as a PDF).

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