Survey says …

Chicago-area freelancers like the freedom to run their own schedules, but they don’t like low pay or having trouble finding work.

“(I’m) having difficulty keeping a steady work flow. I’m concerned every month to make ends meet,” one survey respondent wrote.

This was a common theme among the responses freelancers provided in a 20-question survey asking for candid, anonymous responses explaining the realities of being a freelance/independent media professional in the Chicago area.

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Now that state, county and city/village elections are over, it’s time for Chicago Newspaper Guild to hold elections. Make your voice heard to have a say in the local’s leadership!
When: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 12
Where: 17 N. State St. Suite 820 (8th floor), Chicago
Parking: 20 E. Randolph

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McKinney petition

In the wake of longtime Chicago Sun-Times political reporter Dave McKinney’s recent resignation, newsroom staff authored a petition asking for reassurance from Sun-Times CEO Timothy Knight and Wrapports board chairman Michael Ferro that reporters will be able to do their jobs without interference from politicians and/or company investors. This petition comes directly from the members. You can read and sign it here:

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Addressing sale rumors

Chicago Newspaper Guild leaders met with Sun-Times Media representatives and asked questions about the Guild’s contracts. The Guild expects answers from the company in coming days.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, Chicago Newspaper Guild has no official news from Sun-Times Media regarding rumors of a sale of properties to the Chicago Tribune.

“After meeting with a representative of Sun-Times Media about this possible purchase of the suburban newspapers, we had the opportunity to ask questions about this issue and are looking forward to a prompt response to put the rumor mill to rest,” Chicago Newspaper Guild President David Pollard said.

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Women’s committee is off to see the wizard

October 10, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. the Women Committee of CWA/ TNG Local 34071 in Chicago will participate in a production “Wizardxof Oz – The Yellow Brick Road” of the performed by the residents of the Sisters of Providence Home for mentally challenged women. We will help with the back stage needs like make up, wardrobe, props and etc.

The Women’s Committee invites everyone who is available to help the ladies make this production a success. Work with us or simply attend and cheer!
Contact information: Grace Doyle at (708) 420-5079 ( )
Grace Catania at (847) 691-0328 (

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Pioneer Press Quotas

After some Pioneer Press reporters started getting warnings last winter that they had to write 2.5 stories a day, their union, the Chicago Newspaper Guild, met with the company to find out what was going on.

It seemed as if a quota system was being imposed but, at the meeting, the company said while there was a new system with new expectations, the system was flexible, the rules “weren’t hard and fast” and reporters were not going to be subject to discipline, said Craig Rosenbaum, Chicago Newspaper Guild Executive Director.

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CNG Women’s Committee Second Community Event

A second successful event for the Women’s Committee happened July 10, 2014. We hosted a beauty night at St. Mary of Providence Home in Chicago. This non-profit charitable organization is home to many women in need of developmental training. Grace Doyle deserves kudos for organizing the event. Grace set up the date and time with the Home. She then contacted CNG members, informing them about participating. Seven people responded – eager to help out with beauty-night. Continue reading

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Women Committee’s First Event

On April 15th 2014 the Women Committee of CWA/TNG Local 34071 in Chicago held its first event at the Sisters of Providence facility for mentally challenged women.

Sonia Garcia, Emilia Cartagena, Alicia Heskin, Grace Catania and Grace Doyle, all Cook County judicial interpreters entertained 35 women. Refreshments were served during a game of picture bingo and prizes were awarded to the winners; all 35 of them!

Dancing and singing wrapped-up our festivities and the happy attendees invited us to come back for a BEAUTY EVENING which we are organizing and planning to hold in June.

Many thanks to our members for gathering great prizes such as small bags, cosmetics and perfume samples, shampoos and conditioners and for donating their time for this event.

We are now looking for nail files, nail polish in all colors, nail polish removers, hand creams, cotton balls to use at the next event in June, so if you can donate any of those items, we will truly appreciate it. Call Grace Doyle (708) 420-5079 (email at or Grace Catania (847) 691-0328 (email

Alicia Heskin (left back) and Emilia Cartagena (center)
Alicia Heskin (left back) and Emilia Cartagena (center)
Grace Doyle (left) and residents
Grace Doyle (left) and residents


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Working Journalists

On May 30, 2013, Sun-Times Media laid off its entire 28-member photo department staff. Less than a year later, four of the 17 photographers that were protected by the collective bargaining agreement were hired back.

What about the 13 Guild-covered photographers and the other 11 photojournalists who were not brought back to work at Sun-Times Media?

All those individuals were invited to join the new unit they inspired—Working Journalists.

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