I don’t know.

“I don’t know.”

That was the response Sun-Times negotiators gave during the latest bargaining session to several questions Chicago Newspaper Guild’s bargaining committee had asked.

The bargaining committee submitted a 35-question list July 15 asking Sun-Times Media about the following subject areas: restructuring the company into CST Group and STM Local; how Wrapports employees are classified now that the Grid and Splash are part of the restructured company; and how do Aggrego “content providers” fit within the structure.


Sun-Times negotiator Ted Rilea told the bargaining committee that he had answers to 15 of the 35 questions. Company negotiators were able to answer some specific questions about who had final editorial say in content—Jim Kirk for CST and Rob Elder for STM Local.

Company negotiators could not answer questions about Aggrego employees or Wrapports employees. Guild bargaining members made it clear to company negotiators that Pioneer Press Guild members are concerned about the Aggrego “content providers” identifying themselves as Wrapports and soliciting content that Guild reporters do.

Guild bargaining committee members raised an issue with the July 12 memo that stated the company would not reimburse suburban reporters mileage from their home offices to their first assignment. Rilea admitted that the company had sent out the memo saying that suburban reporters whose newsrooms closed were to consider their homes to be their offices.

No decision was reached about the mileage issue at the July 24 bargaining session.

Company negotiators said they were not part of the decision-making when Guild bargaining committee members pointed out all the surprises that have been thrown at the Guild in the midst of trying to agree on a contract. Those surprises include closing down the suburban offices, the mileage reimbursement issue and firing the photographers.

Chicago Newspaper Guild also gave company negotiators a proposal to reinstate all terminated photographers with full backpay and restoration of benefits and seniority. That proposal was not discussed at the July 24 bargaining session.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for August 8, at which time the company is expected to answer questions about Aggrego.

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4 Responses to I don’t know.

  1. Daniel says:

    Stupidity is right… In what alternate universe is a man given a promotion for destroying a company? Business 101 teaches that to make a profit you must offer a product that entices consumers to buy. Have you mokes taken a good look at your newspapers? They’re crap. Splash? You could slop the hogs with it. Jenny McCarthy? Really? She’s a washed up old has-been. No photos? Bloggers instead of reporters? Outsourcing?

    It’s people like you who are destroying our nation. What kind of human beings are you? Don’t you worry about what your children will think of you? Hang your heads in shame. You’re sad, sorry excuses.

    Every single decision-maker within the company should be given the boot. You are a disgrace to the business world.

    • admin says:

      It would be nice if the company would explain some its strategy instead of saying “I don’t know.” The Guild would like to be part of a news group that is putting out a product we can be proud of.
      The Guild would like to say that we are not out to attack the individuals responsible for this decision. We disagree with many of their choices, such as abolishing the photo department.

  2. Laura L. Enright says:

    CST group, STM group. Wrapports, Agreggo: How the hell many heads does this company have? It’s like a freakin’ hydra!

    And how do you not reimburse reporters for mileage to their assignment?

    These people are playing so many games, they’re going to end up losing the company they invested in to sheer stupidity.

    • John says:

      I can’t believe how greedy these “investors” are. When you invest in something you should not destroy it just to make big profits. They don’t care about the workers at all.

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