CNG Women’s Committee Second Community Event

A second successful event for the Women’s Committee happened July 10, 2014. We hosted a beauty night at St. Mary of Providence Home in Chicago. This non-profit charitable organization is home to many women in need of developmental training. Grace Doyle deserves kudos for organizing the event. Grace set up the date and time with the Home. She then contacted CNG members, informing them about participating. Seven people responded – eager to help out with beauty-night. The Home provided supplies and the use of their room. We had six CNG members but could have used three or four more. We had between 35 and 40 participants who were treated to make-up, facial, manicure, massage and hair styling. Martha Freites was our hair-dresser for the evening. Straightening, curling, up-dos – you name it; Martha transformed the ladies and put many smiles on faces. Emilia Cartegena was our facial expert. She was very resourceful in making the women glow by applying scrubs and masques. There was lots of laughter and many signs of happiness. Attendants were amazed at how peaceful a simple facial made the ladies. Sylvia Valenzuela and her daughter Mia were in charge of applying makeup. They helped the ladies choose colors for eye shadow, lipstick, and blush and helped teach the ladies to apply makeup for best results. Grace Doyle was doing manicures. She was so busy that she needed additional pairs of hands to catch up with her line of clients! I think the biggest giggles happened at Beth Kramer’s table. Beth did hand, back, and shoulder massages, and engaged the women in delightful conversation. Grace Catania made sure that refreshments were served to all participants. She took photos and helped out wherever lines of clients got too long.   All of us agreed this is a worthwhile project. We all felt our hearts warming as the ladies laughed and smiled. The CNG Women’s Committee did a great job. Next time we will be looking for supply donations and more Women’s Committee members to help out. The committee was invited to attend the St. Mary’s of Providence production of “The Wizard of Oz” and asked to help out with show makeup. This event will be in September or October. Watch for the announcement!


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